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Windstar Cruises from the deckhands at CruisingLuxury.com

The ownership of Windstar Cruises has changed and the new owner is really improving their product and their Windstar ships, including the purchase of several small yachts from a competitor.  Their first purchase is the Star Pride.  They are also heading back to the South Pacific and Tahiti where they enjoyed many years of incredible Tahiti cruises.  If you’ve sailed with Windstar before, you know how it feels to be on board as the sails unfurl, the wind catches, and you head off on an adventure that’s like being on your own private sailing yacht.  Escape from your reality to our world of complete serenity.  Indulge your senses on Windstar, let yourself go.

If you’re new to the Windstar experience, welcome. Prepare for a journey that’s carefully designed to deliver the things people dream of: freedom, romance, luxury, privilege – all real, all possible, all here on Windstar under brilliant white sails.  The cruise line is known for quiet and peaceful sailings and quality space ratio that will not leave you feeling like a sardine.  Windstar, let the sails unfold.  Whether you choose the Windsurf, Windstar or the Windspirit the experience will last a lifetime.

Windstar Cruises 2014 ~ 2015

Dreaming of something different and unique? Windstar cruises might be for you. Sailing under the banner of its appropriate catch phrase 180 degrees from ordinary, Windstar offers a luxury on-board product and superb signature cuisine by renowned L.A. chef Joachim Splichal, yet with a casual, intimate ambiance and dress code. Windstar is truly a different experience. Cruises that offer a quiet pace of a sail yacht, yet with amenities that match the freedom of the name Windstar. This wonderful cruise line is maturing and approaching 20 years of age.  The ships are new and modern and set the bar for sailing yachts of their size.

Created from a vision to offer a distinct alternative to the typical cruise on the typical cruise line. The adventurer who takes a Windstar cruise will see the world from a different view, yet elegant atmosphere with exquisite service and cuisine. Windstar Cruises still 180 degrees from the Ordinary after almost 20 years. Wind star cruises will show you the difference.

In keeping with the ship ambiance, Windstar guests leave their ties and formal wear at home. We are a luxury travel company that can help with your vacation planning from start to finish.  Image, you are sailing into the fabled port you’ve seen in travel books and magazines, only the breeze on your skin tells you: it’s real. You are gliding through a beautiful harbor in the Mediterranean, the Greek Isles, the Panama Canal, Costa Rica, Belize and The Mayan Riviera or the Caribbean.

Windstar is offering some exciting and unique sailings for the upcoming year and will be offering the Grand Prix sailing next year.  Windstar was created in the mid-1980's with the vision to offer an alternative to the typical cruise or resort vacation. The Windstar passenger sees the world from a romantic sailing ship with luxurious accommodations, a casual yet elegant atmosphere, and exquisite service and cuisine. Windstar's ships are officially motor-sail-yachts, but the designation belies the vessels unique rigging.

Unfurling in two minutes at the push of a button, billowing white sails reach to the sky. All functions are operated from the bridge by computer micro-chips and navigational devices. The unusual "open-bridge" operation allows guests to drop by and acquaint themselves with the veteran captains and officers who demonstrate the ship's intriguing capabilities to modern day explorers.

The destinations of Windstar cruise lines are classic sailing playgrounds, irresistible in every era, for the simple reason that their aura of cool elegance and sportive privilege never go out of style. This classic elegance is mirrored in the Windstar cruise experience on board as well. Throughout you’ll find an intimate and refined ambiance, with an emphasis on expansive choices, unfettered access, and the liberty to do…whatever you desire.

Windstar Cruises 2015

You might spend time in the ship’s library, pouring over an atlas or choosing a CD or DVD to take back to your stateroom. Whereas you will find all manner of new appointments aboard our ships, from flat-screen LCD televisions to granite-clad surfaces and updated fitness rooms, the real luxuries Windstarcruselines offers are not luxuries “du jour” but rather, luxuries of the heart. Absolute freedom, a relaxed sense of being, a lighter mind. 

Windstar's concept of sailing is leading the cruise industry in luxury small ship, casual attire, and alternative dining arenas. Pioneering and refining these concepts has earned Windstar crusie an excellent reputation and market niche, winning the allegiance of a new generation of contemporary cruise vacationers, one-third of whom are first-time cruisers.

Teak decking, rich wood interiors, an attentive service staff, intimate surroundings, eclectic artwork, exceptional signature cuisine featuring both light and vegetarian menu selections, and an extensive wine list are some of the extraordinary elements which have become synonymous with Windstarcruiselines. Features unique to the Wind Surf include 31 deluxe suites, a Business/Internet Center, The Bistro, and the 10,000 square foot WindSpa offering a full array of spa treatments, consultative, health and fitness programs.

As a passenger, you are cradled in comfort as all staterooms and suites offer ocean views, sitting area, TV, VCR, CD player, safe, mini-bar/refrigerator, international direct-dial phones, bathroom with toiletries, hair dryer, plush robes, and plenty of closet space. The library on board stocks an array of international newspapers, books and games, as well as a multi-media selection of more than 500 video titles and compact discs available for complimentary check-out.

The typical Windstar Cruise ship will have just 148 to 308 guests, Windstar Crusie ships provide a yacht-like atmosphere that helps create friendships between fellow cruisers. Each and every day on a Windstar Cruise offers the excitement of a new beginning and a new adventure to explore.  Windstar Cruises will not be for everyone.  There are still a few cruisers that would prefer to surround themselves with the noise and confusion generated by thousands of people cruising all on one ship.  That will not happen on Windstar.  The ships are popular for their quiet and casual atmosphere.  Not to say there is anything wrong with the thousands of kids around other cruise ship pools and the blaring of the microphone all day leaves some people worn out just from sitting at the pool.

Windstar Cruises is always looking to provide you, the cruise customer, with new and exciting destinations. In recent years, Windstar Cruises has begun service to include Northern Europe, Baltic, Malta and Tunisia. These new and exciting ports of call help Windstar Cruises expand the routine into new and adventurous countries waiting to be explored.

You will find a pleasant mixture in the shore excursions and complimentary water sports activities offered at each destination. Passengers may find themselves sailing through Caribbean waters aboard an actual America's Cup racing yacht, or exploring ruins in Greece. The water buffs can enjoy complimentary water-skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling, kayaking and "banana" boat rides from the ship's aft sports platform.

Windstar Cruise vacations offer a window to the world, adding the refinement of a luxury hotel with a moveable array of cultural experiences.

Windstar Cruise Line is a Seattle-based company that operates the 308-passenger Wind Surf and 148- passenger Wind Star and Wind Spirit. The three ships cruise to over 47 countries worldwide. When looking for a casual sailing adventure worldwide, think Windstar Cruise Line.

Windstar Cruises 2014 ~ 2015

The typical cruise customer will find that by day, shorts and light shirts are the norm. The attitude for dinner and later in the evening, women typically wear casual sun dresses or pant suits, and men can be found in a pair of light-weight slacks and a polo or button-up shirt. Dinner is served with one open seating. Day or night, Windstar cruse ships offer the finest in dinning options.

While you were out: a steward turned down the soft sheets in your stateroom, dimmed the lights, and stocked the mini-bar with many tempting beverages. While you were walking on the beach this morning, the chef ventured into town to buy some fresh mangos and sun-ripened tomatoes. The staff of 90 (Spirit and Star) and 190 (Surf), more than one crew member for every two guests, is on call around the clock, and the result is the level of personal service that’s recognized among cruising’s “Best.” Windstar Cruise Lines, was designed to offer an alternative to modern cruising, wrapped up in the soul of a magnificent yacht. There’s simply an un-tethered joy in sailing, in traveling at a relaxed pace, with the brilliance of the sun and stars overhead. Long teak decks warm the soles of your bare feet. In the distance lie islands, their lush green shoulders rising from the sea, while just a few feet below a school of playful dolphins surf the ship’s wake. Out here, the sails fill with the trade winds, time slows down and the world seems to expand. It’s as if you can hear the earth breathing. Or is that you? .

An award-winning line, Windstar’s three sail cruse ships find the un-charted grounds, small-ship destinations, including Costa Rica, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Panama Canal, Virgin Islands, Greek and Turkish Isles, French and Italian Riviera, Italy’s Amalfi coast, and the Windward Islands from Barbados. Windstar Cruises finished among the top three small ship lines in Condé Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Survey and has been the top cruise line for destinations the past five years. Windstar Cruises is an upscale sport cruise experience, please remember to bring your tennis shoes and the yearning for outdoor spirit and adventure.

Listen for the sails when they open against a sky, blue as a ocean. Teak decks warm the soles of your bare feet. A staff member, gracious yet unobtrusive, seems to magically appear with an ice-cold rum punch or an extra fluffy pillow just as you've thought of it. Your dress is casually elegant - a style unique to Windstar where no jackets or ties are required. No tie required, just good taste.

Welcome to a place that can't be pinpointed by compass or sextant.

Close your eyes and you hear gulls, laughter, light winds, the splash of the sea. Open them, and gaze at lines running up to sails that stretch to an infinite blue sky. Ahead, just off the azure horizon, lie the most dreamed-of places in the world: Bequia... Drake Bay... Santorini... St. Tropez... Welcome to a place that's 180 degrees from ordinary. It's called Windstar, and we're sailing... today.

You open your eyes to the reflections of sunlight on the ceiling, draw the curtains to the sight of an island drifting slowly by. Before you the sea shimmers like blue silk, seemingly close enough to touch, and the horizon stretches to infinity like a promise. A promise! That this day – this vacation – will be unlike any other. It’s a promise wrapped up in the ship’s majestic white sails and the simple, sublime notion of being at one with nature and the sea.

It’s written in the unspoken philosophy of Windstar, too, which centers on unstructured freedom, privacy, impeccable service and space. On board, a mere 148-308 guests come and go according to their desires, chatting with the officers on the Bridge, having a cocktail with friends up at the Pool Bar, going ashore to discover the perfect white-sand beach, or simply enjoying time together, alone. What if the universe (or at least, a few hundred feet of it) conspired to grant your every wish? Welcome to Windstar, and the feeling of being utterly alive and content.

Wind Star Cruises offer sleek masted sailing ships with computer-directed sails, offer the perfect balance of sophisticated pampering, exceptional service, luxurious amenities amidst an oh-so-casual atmosphere. Wind Song, Wind Spirit, Wind Star and Wind Surf carry between 148 and 312 passengers, in spacious modern staterooms and suites.

Passenger to crew ratios are a very high 1.5 to 1, and the superb level personalized service is the result. Passengers tend to be somewhat younger and more highly educated than on most cruises because of the unusual ports and variety of hard and soft adventure.

"Casual Elegance" is the designated dress code. Guests leave their ties and formal wear at home in favor of country club casual sport wear. There are few organized activities and none of the typical cruise line Vegas-style reviews. Passengers linger over dinner sampling delicious entrees developed by renowned chef Joachim Splichal of L.A.'s Patina, Pinot Bistro and Octavio Becerra; Sail Light and Vegetarian meals were designed by health guru Jeanne Jones, developer of spa menus for Canyon Ranch spa and the Pritikin Longevity Center.

The Wind Star and her sister ship Wind Spirit are four-masted sail cruise ships accommodating 148 passengers in 73 all-outside, identical 188-square-foot cabins and one 220-square-feet owner's suite.

In May 1998, a new generation of Windstar ship emerged. Accommodating 308 guests, the five-masted Wind Surf adds two major features to the Windstar experience. The ship has 31 deluxe suites with convertible twin/queen bed, separate living areas and his and her bathrooms.

Originally built in 1990 as Club Med I, in 1998 she was purchased by Windstar Cruises, at which time several suites were added, along with a huge spa and enlarged fitness area, and an alternative dining room, the Bistro, modeled on L.A. super chef Joachim Splichal's Pinot Bistro restaurant. Though built by the same shipyard and along the same design lines as the original Windstar Cruse ships, she differs in a number of respects, most deriving from her increased size -- nearly triple the Gross Register Tonnage of her sisters Windstar and Windspirit.

Wind Surf was refit in December 2000 to include a new gangway easing embarkation/debarkation, a new Business Center featuring a Meeting Room and Computer Center, a remodeled Lounge and Casino, and new decor and seating configurations in each of the ship's three dining rooms.

The ship shares much with her smaller sisters -- all provide an unstructured, sophisticated, upscale, destination-driven cruise experience to under-visited ports inaccessible to the larger conventional lines. All are true motor-sailors, with substantial time spent under sail power when conditions allow. All have shed the classic cruise trappings of densely scheduled activities, dressy evenings and lavish production shows, substituting instead a dress code of "casual elegance," open seating restaurant-like dining.

There are, however, a number of areas of difference. Those who prefer the smaller ships cite their higher level of personalized service, more intimate atmosphere, and a more "yacht-like" feel, as opposed to that of a floating resort. Windstar Cruises are fast becoming the alternative to formal, dress-up luxury cruise adventures. Wind star Cruises offer the open seating option with who and when you want to eat and a more informal atmosphere compared to the other luxury lines.

Wind Surf's fans tout the fact that she does feel less like a yacht and more like a ship, and point to the amenities that derive from her larger size; a much more extensive spa and fitness facility, greater passenger/space ratio (47.23 vs. 36), and better stability. Those who like more living space point to the suites, unique to Wind Surf. Winstar Cruises 2014 or 2015 where dreams begin.  Some champion the inclusion of elevators, though this is a specious argument, since the steep, 40-step, narrow gangway is as much of a climb as the inside stairways on the smaller ships. Others like the fact that on Wind Surf it is possible to reach any point on the ship without having to go outside. A fun yacht type sailing adventure awaits you on Windstar Cruise Lines.

Windstar Cruises continues its tradition of offering guests access to some of the most intriguing places in the world. Since 2003 the Mediterranean cruise offerings include stops in 10 different countries on three of Windstar’s luxury sailing yachts, the 308-passenger Wind Surf and the 148-passenger Wind Star and Wind Spirit

Portugal, Spain, Morocco, France, Monaco, Italy, Tunisia, Malta, Greece and Croatia are the countries featured in the vast array of itineraries for 2014 ~ 2015. Each of these countries offers varied ports of call serving as the backdrop for fascinating cultural encounters and idyllic visual experiences.

Windstar Cruses might be the vacation you have been dreaming of this year! The cost of cruising is coming down and some consider the pricing cheap compared to other land based vacations.  Discounts and specials are always available for most Windstar Cruise sailings.  Let us show you how you could be on you way to a dream cruise vacation on Windstar.

Please contact any of the Windstar Cruise Counselors at luxury cruises for a complimentary Windstar cruise quote and evaluation.

Africa Luxury Cruises 2015 ~ 2016

Tanzania, Africa - Yes, they are very real and very wild!

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