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Welcome to Ship Charters, Corporate Incentives & Meetings at Sea:

We are pleased to provide basic cruise ship charter information and how a cruise charter might work for you. Are you ready to learn more about a Cruise Ship Charter? Here we go.

More and more companies are engaging in full ship charters for incentives and rewards for customers and employees than ever before. What else compares or has the impact of a private ship charter? It offers your group intimacy, exclusivity and flexibility. Typical charters are planned and contracted at least one full year in advance. Incentive cruise charters are a fun and enjoyable way for you and your employees and clients to spent quality time together.

To begin, an honest assessment of your needs and wants is required. When would you like to sail? How many passengers? Preferred geography or ports of call. Does it fit your budget? What do you expect out of a incentive cruise ship charter?

We provide the hands-on assistance to match your needs and wants to the perfect ship. Our services include; matching ship requirements, availability, rates and fees, pre-charter inspections or cruise familiarization trips, itineraries, accommodations, onboard food & beverage packages, gifts and amenities, shore excursions, cruise documentation, airport transfers, pre or post hotel packages and group coordination once on board.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding ship charters:

Q: Why charter a ship in the first place?

A: A cruise ship charter is a convenient, self-contained environment that can help motivate and pamper your customers or employees. Increase sales and productivity, boost moral, expand market share or reward the troops for a great year. All-inclusive cruise fares allow for more cost control. The onboard facilities for meetings will be both intimate and luxurious, encouraging more group participation in all planned functions. Where else can you combine all these incentives with a new and exciting port of call every day.

Q: Is a charter right for my company?

A: If you have a desire to reward or motivate customers or employees, then a ship charter could be your answer. It offers the excitement of travel and the opportunity for your employees to bond in a relaxed social environment. Great views, entertainment and wonderful gourmet dinning that will please even the grumpiest office grouch. Unpack the suitcase once and add a constant variety of activities for all and you have a ship charter. Intimate and relaxed meeting environments for private events where the audience is happy to be called "Captive". Cruising is a great way to learn, relax and make new friends along the way. The only possible downside to a ship charter is that you might want to continue cruising and not go home!

Q: What do we provide and help with?

A: We are cruise professionals and this is our only business. We will recommend the right ship for your charter after extensive client research. Negotiate the best price and onboard amenities to fit your budget. Plan private events, parties, shore excursions, hotel packages and transfers. Offer and provide an onboard Charter Coordinator from our company throughout the cruise.

Q: Who can charter a cruise ship:

A: Any business, individual or company that is desiring to provide at least 100 guests or customers a unique and customized cruise experience.

Q: How long are typical ship charters and Incentive Cruises?

A: Typical charters last 7 to 10 days, although shorter charters are available including 3 and 4 day.

Q: How many passengers can we take on a cruise ship charter?

A: The following type of information is very helpful

  • Your preferred sail dates including flexible range of dates
  • Length of cruise charter desired
  • Number of passengers or required cabins
  • Desired itinerary or ports of call and region
  • Level of quality and luxury desired
  • Cruise line or ship if known or requested
  • Name and contact information of your companies decision maker
  • Type of group or incentive
  • Additional information that could be useful to match you needs and wants

Q: What does a ship charter or incentive cruise cost?

A: This will depend on the number of passengers, itinerary, ship requested, ports of call desired, length of cruise and the level of luxury requested. Please call us for an estimate.

Q: How does the shipcharter process work?

A: Each incentive or business charter is unique in many ways but the following would be a good outline:

  • Establish reasonable parameters for the charter
  • Search for the ship that meets your needs and parameters
  • Obtain written proposals from the ship owners
  • Negotiate rates, onboard amenities, taxes and other fees
  • Contract review and discussion
  • Contact execution by the client
  • On-going coordination until departure day
  • Cruise and enjoy

Q: How are ship charters paid for?

A: The payment arrangements normally require a 10% to 25% deposit of the total contracted amount at contract signing. A bank rated and acceptable irrevocable letter of credit for the balance, payable to the ship owner, is due at or within 3 days of contract execution. The ship owner will draw from said letter of credit at established times with final payment normally within 90-120 days before sailing and departure.

Note: some ship owners will have different type of payment arrangements.

Q: Port fees and taxes?

A: Normally, these will be included in the cost of the charter and negotiated by our staff. We can usually include tips and arrange for inclusive drink programs (at additional cost).

Q: Can I pick the itinerary for an Incentive cruise?

A: Yes, normally you can customize and personalize your charter itinerary subject to the ship owners approval. The ports and itinerary need to match the ships location and time constraints.

Q: What is typical for a six star luxury ship charter?

  • All-inclusive pricing for budget control
  • Self-contained environment
  • Exciting choice of destinations
  • Medical staff available 24 hours a day
  • Duty-free shopping on board>
  • Entertainment included
  • Casinos
  • Unlimited gourmet cuisine
  • Complimentary 24-hour room service
  • Luxury in-suite amenities
  • Private and group shore excursions
  • Luxurious facilities, including meeting rooms
  • Private cocktail parties and receptions

Q: What value can we expect on a six star luxury ship charter?

  • Gratuities to be included
  • Wine with dinner
  • Bar set-up at embarkation with choice of liquor or wine
  • 24-hour room service
  • Coffee, tea, bottled water, soft drinks and other non-alcoholic beverages during the cruise

Q: What is the biggest problem with ship charters?

A: Clients with adequate capital. Yes, it takes money. The ship owners want to be certain that if they take their vessel out of service for a week or longer that they will be paid one way or the other.

Timing is also a major consideration, due to the limited number of quality ships that are available worldwide for charter. Once again we mention that at least a one year advance is needed to help guarantee a cost effective and timely charter.

Q: Cruise charter options and type of ships available?

Let's look at the options again:

  • Ship Charter
  • Cruise Charter
  • Incentive Cruises
  • Business Incentive Charters
  • Group Incentive Travel
  • Windstar Charter
  • Radisson Charter
  • Silversea Charter
  • Crystal Charter
  • Seabourn Charter
  • Sea Cloud Charter
  • Sea Dream Charter
  • Cruise Corporate Incentive Programs
  • Business Incentive Cruise>
  • Full Ship Charters
  • Luxury Ship Charter
  • Meetings at Sea
  • ShipCharter
  • Luxury Charter
  • SeaCloud Cruise Charter
  • SeaDream Cruise Charter

Q: How do I start the ship charter process?

A: Pick up the phone and call 1.800.527.8980 FREE and together we will establish your needs and wants for a great cruise charter.