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Cruise Planning Essentials Choosing Your Cruise

Finding the right cruise is one of the most important steps of your cruise experience. Knowing which ship will best accommodate your needs, style, which destination ports will be of interest to you and when you should travel, are some of the many questions which should be considered. This is why our cruise specialists are so important when it comes to finding that cruise vacation.

At, our specialists have inspected the ships and sailed the itineraries. You will find some questions below that we will deal with when we start your cruise consultation. If you find you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to ask and we will find the answers.

  • Knowing who will be traveling and the needs of those travelers is very important to the type of ship and destination required.
  • What cruise line or ship do you want to sail on? Depending on age, wants and needs, there are many to choose from. Do you want a small intimate yacht type cruise or a larger ship with a full amenity package including entertainment.
  • Where do I want to go or what do I want to see when we sail? What destinations do you have in mind? Any special destinations or occasions to be dealt with.
  • When can I take my cruise holiday. Do you have some flexability or are you set in stone when you can travel?
  • Why am I going on a cruise? What are your needs and wants? Big or small, long or short itinerary, domestic or exotic, what do you want to do?

There are several factors that go into planning your cruise vacation. We are here to help research and define how your needs and wants come together into a specific and personalize cruise holiday.